Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Industrial Coating!

Industrial coating is increasingly becoming more appreciated than it used to be, the money spent on broken down industrial equipment and other industrial installations can often have a tight choke on the expenses of large commercial and manufacturing organizations.
Industrial equipment is usually subjected to several harsh conditions in the environment in which it is located. Often times these equipments are subjected to caustic processes which may cause corrosion and in turn damage the structural integrity as well as the physical condition of the equipment.
Industrial coating are therefore designed to provide industrial equipment the required protection from the forces of nature and mechanical wear and tear process, it gives high strength coating which will help provide longevity for equipment and the facility in which they are located.

Industrial coating are often used on other components apart from industrial equipment, it is also used for corrosion controls on steel structures like bridges, offshore installations, underground pipelines among several others.

Apart from corrosion control for which industrial coating is normally known for, it is also used for intumescing coatings for fire resistance.

Industrial coating is made of several chemical substances like Xylan dry film lubricants, Ethyl Acetate and reinforcing thermoses polyimide. Modern developments have now allowed these coatings to add aesthetic value to materials on which it is painted.

Interestingly, not only are equipment and steel materials protected from dangerous corrosion, workers in these industries or locations where corrosion may occur are also allowed the peace of mind knowing that they are safe from debris and corrosive accumulation that may endanger their lives.

Friday, May 24, 2013



SOMAY is in the business of developing, manufacturing, and selling products, to protect real property, to prevent damage, to prevent deterioration, and to preserve property, to help it last for many, many years longer than a raw, uncoated, unprotected building surface... extending the life span of the building by years, decades and even centuries. Somay paints and coatings are the "greenest" products on any building... they allow much longer sustainability, and they can save you so much money in maintenace or repair expenses that they pay for themselves.

Insurance companies do NOT offer you anything to protect your building, to prevent damage, to prevent deterioration or to preserve your property. All they do is take your premium dollars and tell you that if, and after you have suffered some extreme, catastrophic damage, they may pay you something towards the out of pocket costs to help you repair what has been severely damaged, by a violent, environmental catastrophe. You still have to repair the damage yourself... the insurance company doesn't do it for you... and insurance doesn't pay anything to compensate for normal deterioration, depreciation or devaluation and they can cancel your policy if they choose even if you never file any claims, regardless of how many thousands of dollars they have taken from you over the years.

It is much easier to prevent damage than to have to repair damage after it has occurred. Remember the difficulty getting your property repaired after Hurricane Andrew? Shingles and tiles were scarce for many months, and good reliable contractors were unavailable to install them. Even if you agreed to pay the highly inflated, exorbitant prices and fees, you still had to wait for building permits and multiple inspections by over-worked government regulatory agencies.

Realizing the limitation of insurance that has no ability to protect your real property, many prudent,intelligent and knowledgeable building owners have applied Somay "Roof Mastic" Sealer & Protector to brand new roofs on their homes and other buildings to take advantage of Somay "Roof Mastic's" proven ability to help protect and prevent damage to their roofs. No one can stop you from doing everything you possibly can to protect your own private property... it is your own personal responsibility.

Somay "Roof Mastic" Sealer & Protector, properly applied, can withstand Category 5 Hurricane Force Winds (over 157mph). In fact, actual applications made over 39 years ago, in 1974, are still providing excellent service, surviving every weather event in all those years. Government accredited independent laboratories' tests also have reconfirmed in test after test the ability of Somay "Roof Mastic" Sealer & Protector to withstand Hurricane Force Winds, including surviving the 175 mph. winds of Hurricane Andrew on August 24, 1992 in south Miami-Dade County, Florida.

That's why we say that you can "Hurricane Proof Your Roof" with Somay "Roof Mastic" Sealer & Protector. There is nothing else that has proven it can do what Somay "Roof Mastic" does. It really does serve as a hurricane or storm shutter for your roof.

No insurance policy can do what Somay "Roof Mastic" has been proven it can do. Don't let yourself be intimidated by anyone trying to sell you wind insurance to protect anything. Insurance doesn't protect any part of any building, whether old or new! Somay "Roof Mastic" Sealer & Protector has proven over and over again that it does protect roofs.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Industrial Coatings and Paints

Benefits of Industrial Coatings and Industrial Paints

Industrial paints and coatings can preserve the exterior of your home or structure and prevent leaks or intrusions from the outside elements.  Effective usage of industrial coatings and paints can prevent corrosion and hopefully prevent damage later down the line.

To preserve your structure it's important to treat it with a protective coating or paint that's regarded as the best in the industry.  Just like you would use the best paints and products on the interior of your home or structure, you should ensure that the exterior is protected.

Industrial coatings are used in almost every industry, as well as government contracts.  Some of your larger companies that produce industrial coatings and paints may service governments, both local and national.  Typically, governments contract manufacturers of these coatings when constructing large-scale projects like bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure.  These areas typically see alot of wear and tear, as well as exposure to the natural elements, which can cause breakdown over time.  Once coated with a product that protects it, the structure lifespan is immediately multiplied.

There are some well known companies that provide industrial coatings, industrial paints and other sealants for homes and businesses.  It's best to review and go with the best of the best, especially on larger scale projects.  Doing so will ensure the quality of the work and guarantee its lifespan.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Somay Paints and Coatings

As the nations leading distributor of industrial paints and coatings, Somay has been providing a superior product since the 1920's.  A pioneer and leader in the paint and waterproofing industry, Somay, located in Miami, FL is a distributor to both residential and commercial customers.

Somay's Roof Mastic helps stop leaks and provides a weather-proof barrier to the natural elements.  As both an industrial and residential coating, the Roof Mastic product is one that revolutionized the industry.  Made up of acrylic resins, it's a product that will improve the life of your home or building for many years.  This product is also know to improve energy bills, which should be reason enough to reach out to Somay for a consultation.

For those that are into the DIY option, the Somay Roof Mastic is a great alternative to a new roof.  This high quality roof coating is more cost effective than a new roof and has been dubbed, the "New Roof in a Can".  Protect your home's roof from leaks and ultra violet rays with this high quality residential coating.

Call or visit Somay.com today for more information.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House Paints and Roof Coatings

House paints and roof coatings have certainly evolved and changed drastically over the years. Exterior house coatings and Roof coatings improve on traditional house paint by increasing the overall life of your home's exterior and of your roof. With new exterior coatings and roof coatings you can stop leaks, waterproof your home and roof, windproof, and restore you home. Roof coatings protect and preserve your roof indefinitely.

Two coats of white reflective Roof Coating on your sloped roof protects your roof and home in many ways. Your home will be cooler. Roof Coatings reflect the sun's ultra-violet rays, cooling your home and lowering your air conditioning costs. Roof Coatings protect your roof. With two coats of roof coating, your roof will last indefinitely, because Protective Roof Coatings are made from acrylic resins to retain flexibility. Roof coatings sealing and waterproof your roof for a lifetime. Roof Coatings are also available in many popular exterior house paint colors, white, or clear.

Regular exterior house paint is susceptible to the combined effect of sunlight (the ultraviolet rays of the sun in particular), hard driving rain, high velocity winds, airborne chemicals, high humidity, thermal shock from rapid temperature changes, etc., will cause the paint film or coating to gradually deteriorate. A cheap paint containing only the minimum quantity of resin, or a paint that was thinned by the painter prior to application, will start to chalk in about 8 to 10 months; a premium quality (and therefore more expensive) paint containing a much higher percentage of expensive acrylic resins and not thinned by the painter, may last 8 to 10 years or longer before there is evidence of excessive degradation of the paint film. The same phenomenon is noticeable on automobile finishes ... as they age, they gradually loose their gloss, and eventually become hazy and then “chalky” as they deteriorate from exposure to the elements. New exterior coatings come with a lifetime guarantee.